Nigerian actress Laide Bakare received criticism on social media for her outfit choice at a recent Owambe party in the Lekki area of Lagos State.


Fans expressed disapproval of her fashion sense, particularly focusing on the outfit with various colors she showcased in a video shared by the actress.

The online commentary centered around the perceived mismatch of colors and style.

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See the video below:


Her outfit ignited a lot of negative reactions, as many condemned her outfit and also criticized her fashion stylist.

See reactions below:

– She doesn’t have a fashion sense, don’t blame her.

– Una stylist and fashion designer no dey advice una?

– Ur stylist from head to toe no deserve shishi 🙈velvet bawo 😀the red shoes is zero 🛑worst gele and makeup them no try at all being the host 🙈🙈🙈

– Hnmm The fashion designer needs to be arrested 💯💯

– What with the red shoe Bayi?? Apola 😂

– O ti wa su mi bayi,e lor arrest fashion designer yen ko lor si won gbere

– this outfit na balablue 😂😂😂😂

– Una don use ‘extravagant event clothe’ do photo shoot , e no con remain anything for event
Overhyping ti Poju 😂😂😂

– Address come plenty pass letter .🤐🤐the stylist suppose go spend 2 weeks inside LAPO toilet

– After all the paparazzi and the advert before this owambe? Omoh! The outfit is out of it 🫠 she can actually do better 🫣 fashion designer, make una dey advice una client naw! Ire o

– I don’t think you pay better money for your fashion designer😂😂

– Her dressing sense ehnnnn

– Very razz dressing

– Na tailor sew this dress not fashion designer

– Na 1yd of lax she use con use aposhe join d rest style don over much🤣🤣🤣wahala

– Her stylist pelu tailor yen will not make heaven 😂 in fact their mind no go touch ground because kinni gbogbo radarada yi

– She looks very fine but the dressing looks kind of tacky. There’s a lot of print and pattern going on, the dress, the gele…. It just seems off though

– Maybe she no pay better money for the tailor 😂

– Zero over zero 😢😢