Football, widely known as the round leather game, stands as the most played sport globally. Governed by uniform laws irrespective of where it is played, this beautiful game operates under the jurisdiction of FIFA, the global football governing body, which has established the Laws of the Game. These regulations cover various aspects of football, encompassing player behavior, field measurements, and the duties of referees and officials. Crucial components include directives on fouls, offside rulings, ball movement, penalties, free kicks, and throw-ins.


As time progresses, new laws are introduced into the game to uphold fairness and consistency in football matches worldwide. These amendments often stem from past incidents, aimed at averting their recurrence.


Here are four players whose actions prompted FIFA to revise the rules of the game:

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1. Emiliano Martínez:
The Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper gained notoriety for engaging in conversation with opposing players before facing penalties, a practice observed frequently during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Martínez’s behavior led FIFA to amend the rules, prohibiting keepers from communicating with shooters during penalty kicks.

2. Frank Lampard:
The esteemed Chelsea player witnessed his goal being erroneously disallowed against Germany at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as the ball was deemed not to have crossed the goal line despite conclusive replays indicating otherwise. This incident prompted FIFA to introduce goal-line technology, aiding referees in determining when the ball has crossed the line.

3. Peter Schmeichel:
During Euro 1992, the Danish goalkeeper would often receive the ball from his defenders and subsequently handle it, delaying play. FIFA reacted by implementing a rule prohibiting keepers from picking up back-passes from teammates, deeming such actions as indirect free kicks for the opposition.

4. Diego Forlán:
In 2002, during a match for Manchester United against Southampton, Forlán scored a goal and removed his shirt in celebration. However, as the jubilation persisted, he remained without his shirt when play resumed, attempting to make a tackle bare-chested. This led FIFA to introduce sanctions against players who remove their shirts during goal celebrations.