After a game in the Zambian Super League, Kenneth Musonda, a player from Zambia, rose to the top of the trends.
Musonda played for Power Dynamos in their 1-0 victory over Nkana.
He gave Power Dynamos all three points in a crucial league match by scoring the game’s lone goal.


Kennedy Musonda was instructed to wait behind after the game so that he may be recognized for his efforts.
After the game, a total of five crates of eggs were brought out as his prize. When Musonda scored the game-winning goal, he received two crates of eggs.
As the game’s chosen Man of the Match, he then received an additional three crates of eggs.


The game between Power Dynamos and Nkana occurred in November 2022 but is now a topic of discussion in the new year.

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The Zambian official that gave out the eggs said, “Presenting to Kennedy as the man of the match and the goal scorer.
“There are two trails for a goal that is good and then three for the man of the match and this is courtesy of KeepSafe Farms Enterprises.

“Kenneth congratulations, enjoy your eggs.
Musonda responded, “I just want to say thank you for the eggs that have been given to us.
“I’d like to think my teammates I like to thank the coaches the management and I would also just like to dedicate these eggs to one of our supporters that lost his life”.

The video of Musonda receiving the eggs has now gone viral with engagement from various international sports media platforms condemning the decision not to give out a plaque.