Following his outbursts about the actress’s breakup and nasty lifestyle, several social media users have speculated that Tonto Dikeh’s silence is driving her erstwhile best buddy Bobrisky insane.




Bobrisky slammed Tonto Dikeh on his Instagram page on Thursday night, September 9th, for his repeated motivational remarks on social media.

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Netizens are no longer interested in Tonto’s counsel and encouraging quotes, according to Bobrisky, which began after her breakup with Delta State lawmaker Prince Kpokpogri.


The mother of one kept mute, but on Friday, September 10th, Bobrisky also declared Tonto Dikeh is a villain who treats people badly in a lengthy post on his page.



Tonto Dikeh’s supporters will unfollow and criticize her on social media if her nasty lifestyle is made public, he added.


Netizens reacted to the incident by saying Tonto’s quiet is unquestionably driving Bobrisky and his associates insane, and that the actress will regret making friends with him.


Some also counseled the actress turned philanthropist to keep quiet about the matter, fearing that if he says anything, Bobrisky may spill some of their past secrets.


Tonto’s silence is driving them all insane, and I want her to keep ignoring them. vv 348 wrote: Tonto’s silence is driving them all insane, and I want her to keep ignoring them. Tonto, I’m sure, will be kicking herself for not listening to the many individuals who warned her against Bob! Never be too gracious to lower your standards.


Tonto is a chemical engineer who graduated from the elite University of Port Harcourt, and her connection with Bob surprised everyone. I assume she’s wiser now.


I appreciate how Tonto is quiet on himher, mischinny wrote….


Is bob deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening


In any case, Prince will be Bob’s undoing.


Keep an eye on the surroundings.


Exactly what I was saying, ade bossb. If she makes a mistake and speaks up, he will reveal every detail.


Officaljoks wrote: If you don’t have a bestie, they won’t listen, and now your bestie has turned into a bitter pill. It’s just too bad Tonto had something to do with him in the past.