Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has cautioned his player Nickolas Jackson to recognize that “rules have changed” concerning interactions with referees in the Premier League.


Jackson, who joined Chelsea in the summer, has accumulated seven yellow cards in just twelve Premier League appearances this season, leading to a suspension that caused him to miss Chelsea’s victory against Fulham in October.


Pochettino emphasized the importance of Jackson quickly adapting to the current rules, warning that failure to do so could have consequences.

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“When you analyze the team, the starting XI, or players coming off the bench, there is not too much experience in the Premier League,” stated Pochettino during his pre-match press conference ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League encounter with Brighton on Sunday.

Referring specifically to Jackson, he remarked, “He came from a different league. He needs to understand the rules have changed and where the limit is to talk with the referee. Like him, many other players, or players who have played less than one year. We cannot underestimate the Premier League.”

Pochettino highlighted the challenging nature of the Premier League, emphasizing the need for maturity in managing situations. He acknowledged that mistakes can occur but stressed the importance of learning quickly to avoid potential consequences.

“The Premier League is the toughest league. Sometimes, as a team, we need to be more mature to manage situations, and then sometimes, we make a mistake. There are many factors, but these two are principal. You need to learn quickly; if not, you pay for it,” warned Pochettino.