Eniola Badmus has responded gently to actress Iyabo Ojo’s outburst in which she accused Funke Akindele of bribing a prominent movie critic to trash Toyin Abraham’s film.




Iyaba Ojo summoned the confidence to take the bull by the horns, attacked the critic’s Instagram page, and conveyed her disgust. She accused Funke Akindele of being envious and pessimistic, and claimed that The Ghost and The Tout 2 will outperform Funke’s Omo Ghetto: The Saga.

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What did Funke pay you for writing this nonsense? Angry Iyabo Ojo fumed, “The day she begins to discover methods not to speak negatively about her coworkers or to disparage their work or personalities, that is the day she will begin to enjoy inner peace.”


Eniola Badmus has reacted on Funke Akindele’s behalf, despite the fact that she has shied away from the outburst.

Eniola Badmus, one of Funke Akindele’s best pals, posted on her Instagram page in the early hours of today, September 12, 2021, “When people toss you stones, it is because you are a good tree full of fruits.” They see a great deal of potential in you. Don’t bring them down to their level by returning the stones; instead, throw them your fruits, so that the seeds of yourself can encourage them to change their ways.”

“First time you making sense, thank God!” said Funke Akindele in response to the article.





Many of her supporters, as expected, immediately surmised that the message was a covert dig at Iyabo Ojo. “Iyabo Ojo should catch her sub ooooo!” one of them wrote. Omo Ghetto the Saga” says that no one may curse those whom God has blessed.

On September 13, 2021, Toyin Abraham responded to suggestions that she was in a competition with senior colleague Funke Akindele by emphasizing that she doesn’t care who is doing better than her.

I don’t care who does better than me; I was doing better than previous year,” Toyin wrote on Instagram.



Their rivalry became pronounced after Toyin Abraham recently announced a sequel to her one film, The Ghost and The Tout, for September 10, 2021, and interestingly, Funke Akindele, who completely shunned Toyin’s movie poster, also announced the same date, September 10, for the release of her Omo Ghetto the Saga film on Netflix, a move that divided their fans.


Iyabo Ojo accused Funke Akindele of paying a prominent movie critic to trash Toyin Abraham’s film over the weekend, escalating the feud.


For clever individuals, this is not a good idea. We’ve told you a lot of lies throughout the years, but none of them are true. Greater than this: In the writing and production of ‘Ghost and The Tout Too,’ intelligent minds were completely ignored.

As a result, clever brains will find it unappealing.

Regardless of how blatantly it plagiarizes from ‘mó Ghetto: The Saga,’ it urgently aspires to be as successful as it. Unlike that one, ‘The Ghost and The Tout Too’ fails to recognize that filmmaking is anchored in brainwork, rather than employing cinema to do “Yahoo,” exploiting celebrity to fleece fandoms.

If you’re smart, you’d be better off staying home this weekend to watch “mó Ghetto: The Saga,” which is part of the critic’s re-release.