As a photo of Big Brother Naija finalist Emmanuel Umoh coming out in his squid game attire surfaced online, a flurry of responses erupted.


As we all know, the Squid Game is a popular Netflix series that has been one of the most talked-about series in Nigeria since its inception, owing to the fact that the majority of the people in the film are players fighting it out to the death for a massive reward.


Apart from the horrific events, it has numerous life lessons, which is why some Nigerians are interested in it and have begun imitating the clothes of some of the players.

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In a selfie published on social media, the reality star saw himself as character 218 — the cunning one — who evolved into a villain as the game compelled him to make cold, manipulative decisions.

He expressed himself as follows:

All I have to do now is wait for the green light.

Do you think you’ll be able to survive the squid game, Emirates? Please leave a comment below.

Many admirers, however, have criticized his choice of character, claiming that he should have picked character 456 instead of 218.

Please see the following comments:

@officialsaskay asked, “Did 218 make it?” Avoid the marble games at all costs.


Eangelaeguavoen wrote: Ahhhh, We know you’re a king and a winner However, the SQUID GAME is far too frightening, o abeg.

Not the 218 way, but the 456 way, wrote @bukenya shalina.

You’re expected to select 456 to survive, according to @virginiamwale28.

@baby emily of emmarose wrote: Player 218 is correct, but you should murder 456 so you may be the last man standing…

We adore you, Emmanuel, and we hope you continue to inspire us.