Don’t bring any of your baby mamas to your son’s burial- Lady warns Davido

Davido has received a harsh warning from a woman not to let any of his baby mamas attend the late Ifeanyi Adeleke’s funeral.

Speaking from her workplace she said:

“This my second job is not a easy job. Davido let me tell you one thing ehn, f*ck those baby Mamas. Don’t allow none of those bitches to show up on your son’s funeral Don’t do it, don’t let them come and pay last respects for your son because they know something about it.

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“They paid people in that house to humiliate you. All those people that you’re giving them money, all is a scam, Sophia Momodu, all of them, they are paying those people, trying to be nice, buying them shirts, buying them nice things and they think Chioma is all that. Davido don’t allow them to come to your son’s funeral.”

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Halima Abubakar’s slam Davido Fans

Halima Abubakar, a former actress, has criticized the majority of her coworkers for posting tributes to Davido’s son on their social media profiles.

The award-winning singer’s kid, Ifeanyi, drowned in his father’s pool at his Banana Island home on Monday and passed away.

When the unfortunate occurrence occurred, the toddler’s parents were away in Ibadan for a family gathering.

His body was discovered in the pool’s bottom and taken immediately to Ever Care hospital, where doctors immediately declared him dead.

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When his passing was confirmed early on Tuesday morning, many people expressed their condolences to Davido and Chef Chi on social media, even though it was still only a rumor as of that evening.

Almost all social media platforms are overrun with Papa’s images and videos.

Reacting to the online show of empathy among her colleagues, the ailing actress insinuated they were hypocrites, arguing they didn’t celebrate the deceased child on his third birthday.

She frowned they were swift to hit their pages, posting his photos and expressing ‘fake love’.

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He carpeted them for having the flair to celebrate bad news rather than good news.

Abubakar further admonished individuals to be more discerning of people around them with such traits and ensure they totally avoid them.

She said: “Half of you who posted that little baby didn’t wish him hbd….. But you are the first to post his demise.

“Do you people think at all? It shows how many of you only celebrate bad news, such a sad reality…

“Did you wish him a hbd? No!! You rush write RIP…

“The pain is fresh… Thank goodness for the spiritual discernment. Run from this type of people.”