Nollywood actress, Jayeola Monje, has expressed her anger towards her fellow actress, Biola Bayo, for an unexpected incident involving Jayeola’s newborn son.


According to Gossipinfo, Biola Bayo had complained about her own son’s refusal to use his baby cot and bassinet, opting instead to drag her bed along with her. Frustrated by this, Biola Bayo decided to make use of the unused baby furniture herself.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Biola Bayo can be seen sleeping in her baby cot and bassinet while her son peacefully sleeps on her bed. She questioned the point of spending so much money on these items if her son wouldn’t use them and declared that she would put them to use herself. She also called out to Jayeola’s grandmother, seeking her opinion on the matter.

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Enraged by Biola Bayo’s actions, Jayeola Monje threatened to show her colleague a different side of her. Jayeola vowed to confront Biola Bayo upon her arrival in Lagos and requested assistance from others in dealing with the situation.

“Biola, you will experience my wrath. I will be in Lagos soon. Are you ready for the consequences? Mothers, please come to my aid against Biola,” Jayeola warned.

The incident has caused a rift between the two actresses, with Jayeola feeling disrespected by Biola Bayo’s use of her baby’s furniture. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold once Jayeola arrives in Lagos, and whether their disagreement can be resolved amicably.

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