Portable has called out the late Alaafin of Oyo’s wife Queen Dami for refusing to get pregnant for him despite all the love he shows her.


He questioned Queen Dami why is she the only one left to get pregnant for him despite being responsible for her and she still failed him.


He went on to say that Queen Dami accused him of giving birth every but why did she refuse to give birth for him despite him taking her responsibilities and even staying under her roof and he was the only one taking care of her when everyone ignore her.

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He continued by saying that Queen Dami disappointed him despite all the love he had shown her.

Netizen were surprised that such kind of things could happen while some hail portable for trying to gain something from her.

Read some social media reaction below;

Ble_ssing_sunday wrote: Sisterhood is proud of her…Na only she get $ense among your wives🤭

_Rashydah_ wrote: Nobody wey portable no fit drag, brotherhood, sisterhood, wife, ara ile and ara adugbo, anybody and everybody 😂

Thephenomenal_girl: The sisterhood is proud of you Dami. No comot that IUD oo. Leave am there 😂😂

_beauty_by_home wrote: Isn’t that suppose to be a private discussion??? Women please know your worth

Larrittshoe wrote: Big smoke ati tobacco, tony tony montana ,paiko ,😂😂😂 God abeggggggg ohh haa not this type gosh 😂😂

Nellyvee_official wrote: His supplier added tobacco to his loud, so he thought he’s speaking in his bedroom, not knowing it’s comment section 😔

Ephexzee wrote: Some women  can marry anything, provided the thing has money, what manner of a man come to the public space to spit all this about his wife😢?

Favourhoj wrote: When God said we should go to world and multiply, portable took it serious😩😔

Chiverhot wrote: 😂😂😂 I love him 😂😂😂 he say I Dey spend for you as my wife ( true ) why you nor wan born 😂😂😂 he nor like to waste money without production .. forget about the dragging.. portable smart Abeg .. why person go marry you and you nor wan born for the person ?

0x.py wrote: Some girls sha, una go just open leg for anybody wey get money. Isn’t this supposed to be a private conversation between you two?

Sailoroja wrote: Portable na Wetin you put inside she go born!!! Woman no Dey impregnate herself!!! And for you even calling her out like that in public means you don’t respect her at all. 🤦‍♂️

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