Nigerian actor Yomi Fabiyi has reacted to the weakening of Niara to the Dollar in the black market.


Yomi Fabiyi said he won’t be surprised if $1 was exchanged for N2,000.

He further suggests solutions for the current administration on what to do to strengthen Naira against Dollar.

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He wrote:

By 2023, I won’t be surprised if $1 exchange for N2,000. All these steps this administration should do now that they are in power. What could be wrong?

Truth be told, Creation of STATE POLICE, HARMONISED DATABASE, NATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER and TOTAL COMMITMENT TO ENFORCEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS will usher Nigeria into a path of a developed nation(genuine foundation).

That is when the true independence of 1960 will begin to manifest. When each Nigerian can say I am FREE in my country. If we are NOT ready to risk our all, sacrifice our blood to have this, nothing will change no matter who governs next, it may even get worse.

These ideas shall restore some semblance of new and improved economic impact that will attract direct foreign investment vis a vis maximum local productivity. Our NATIONALITY will have value and SECURITY of lives and properties will be easily achieved and guaranteed.

But nobody is demanding these things from the aspirants and political parties. Guess we only do elections to fill vacuums and not improve our standard of livings. Nigerians avoid speaking the TRUTH and standing by it but want the best of everything including social-economic progress.

Guess We are NOT ready!

Yomi Fabiyi
Founder, Break The Silence Foundation(Registered Human Rights NGO).