Some BRT users have beseeched the government for more buses, lamenting the lack of buses and the lengthy lines they encounter on a daily basis.


According to some commuters who spoke with PUNCH Metro on Monday, the majority of commuters in Lagos State use the Bus Rapid Transit because transportation costs have increased in the state.


Additionally, they asserted that the cost of BRT transit was less expensive than that of commercial buses, pointing out that the long lines seemed to go on forever due to the high demand.

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PUNK According to Metro, LAMATA said in a statement that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had ordered the implementation of a 25% discount, which would take effect on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. In response to petitions, the governor decided to keep the 25% passenger fare reduction in place for all regulated bus and rail transportation services until further notice was given.

In an interview with PUNCH Metro on Monday, commuter Saheed urged the government to expand the state’s BRT system, noting that the state’s commercial buses made travel challenging because transportation fares have increased.

The Lagos State Government has truly made an effort for us here, but they can do better, he declared. In Lagos, a lot of people now ride the BRT buses. We are all aware of the rising costs of fuel and transportation, and the presence of so many yellow buses does not help. Many of us are aware of the benefits of the BRT these days, but occasionally the line gets too long, especially in the summer and during the rainy season.

If the state had enough BRT, another commuter, Tobi Ayeni, claimed that commercial drivers would be forced to reduce the price of their transportation fare.

“If there are enough BRT buses, I’m confident that all of these yellow buses will change because they’ll start to lose passengers and won’t have any other choice but to lower their fares to a level that will still be somewhat comfortable for their riders.

“While the country is currently experiencing extreme heat, I humbly ask the government to provide us with a sufficient number of buses to travel to Obalende, CMS, and Oyingbo.” Since those locations are market areas, even though they are all fairly remote, many people visit them. stated Tobi.

Wale Musa, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, instructed our correspondent to text him when he was contacted. But as of the time this report was filed, he was unable to reply to calls or texts sent to his mobile phone.