Daffy Blanco, a British musician, has dragged and exposed Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky, who has denied ever meeting or knowing her.





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When Bobrisky’s former PA Oye claimed Mompha dated the crossdresser a few days earlier, Daffy took to Instagram to say she and Bobrisky were previously friends.




She then revealed unconfirmed information about Bobrisky and Mompha, claiming that what his PA stated was genuine, but Bobrisky slammed her and denied knowing her.



Daffy Blanco claimed in a new Instagram post that she has never been a fan of Bobrisky but admires his courage in coming out as gay in a country where it is illegal.



Bobrisky was pulled by Daffy Blanco for leading a double life and failing to keep up with his buddies because he argues and reveals secrets.



Bobrisky came to visit her in the hotel, ordered meals, and demanded a takeaway, according to the singer, who added that she had been advised to keep away from him.



Bobrisky is defined by Daffy Blanco as a shameless fool whose fans are excited to see what kind of animal he would turn into given his lifestyle.



She also warned any females who are close to Bobrisky to be wary of his jealousy, and she chastised him for always wearing a phony bum pad and lying about his Brazillian Butt operation.



She wrote, “I’m going to address your true gender!!!” Listen up, Bobrsky or whatever you want to call yourself… Don’t act like I’m a fan; I just admire how you dealt with critics when you came out as gay in a country where it’s illegal. Pity that the toy is still alive in the name of Amnesty International.




So odd you say you don’t know me, but you were begging me to buy your cream, the same person that came to my hotel and even ordered takeout. Do you recall who my billionaire was? He never owned a bank, and he warned me about you at the time, but I ignored him because I thought you were cute.




Even when you arrived with Uber and claimed to have a driver, your life is so phony. Why did you never publish the girls that came for your birthday and said they were your best friends? You call me Instagram prostitutes me who posts once a year because you fight everyone and disclose secrets. God punish you.




I don’t make money from Instagram, I’ve never even shaken my head here, and I don’t have Naira in my pocket!! Bro, you may sell your leaking ass in peace. Do you recall how you embarrassed me when the media house contacted us outside the Eko Hotel? You’ve always wanted to be famous, but you’re going about it the wrong way. You would still be nothing if it weren’t for Tonto.




All you know is scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, You are a scumbag. People are interested in seeing what kind of animal you will transform into, thus you have a following.




You should be wary of any females you make friends with since you’re a jealous jerk!!! Las Las, you’ll always be a man with a phony bum pad that stinks like shit, regardless of how far your operation in the Dominican Republic of Yaba went, so be cautious who you fight with one day nah one day. Done!!