Bobrisky apparently wanted to exit the country, but his plans were stopped when he was subjected to extensive questioning by the US Embassy.


This outrageous claim was made by Gistlovers, an anonymous blogger who has been harassing celebrities on Instagram for quite some time.


According to the source, when asked about his source of income, Bobrisky said that he has been selling skincare goods for the past eight years.

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Gistlovers went on to say that Bobrisky was seen in a red dress at the US embassy, and that anyone who had done business with him should collect their money before he departed.

He wrote;

“Hello tueh tueh, Biko o I no fit settle fight o, if Idris is owing you please get your money before he run comot o, information reaching vawulence headquarters now be say Bob was sighted at the US embassy this morning. Them reject am.

“Him say he get costmetic line say him dey sell hair join. Say him dey do skin care business for the past 8 years too. According to our source, he was wearing a red bubu, collect your money o Bobo wan raun o, I come in peace. Make Una collect Una money o,Igi Ewedu oni wo pawa o.”

Previously, Oye Kyme, the former personal assistant to Nigerian controversial crossdresser Bobrisky took to social media to render her profound apology to whoever she might have offended after her explosive revelation that she was pregnant,

Her post generated much buzz online as Bobrisky’s name was smeared all over her disclosure which greatly inconvenienced Bob and his fans.

In the post she shared, the young woman said she was never pregnant and everything she did was a prank for a business deal and now that the business has ended, she is resorting back to ‘default settings’. She posted;

“Good morning fam here to tell you that I was not pregnant it was a business deal am sorry and am apologizing to y’all”

Her alleged boyfriend also simultaneously had this to say about the whole brouhaha.

“I would like to state that I am not responsible for Oye’s pregnancy. It was all a business deal and I apologize to family and friends who did not understand it this way I want to disassociate myself from the story and debunk any rumours flying around now or in the future. My sincere apologies to everyone for me thinking this was a great idea”