Nigerian actress Debbie Shokoya has brought attention to a concerning trend in Nigeria where hardworking unmarried women face unwarranted backlash instead of being celebrated for their achievements.


She took to her social media platform to decry the imposition of unnecessary titles on single women, highlighting the perpetuation of the notion that marriage defines a woman’s worth.


She also used her colleague Toke Makinwa as a point of example asking netizens why they feel people like her doesn’t deserve good things?.When Toke Makinwa has been working hard for years now and choose to pretend like they don’t see all her hard work.

In her words,”Please Why Do People Think Toke Makinwa Doesn’t Deserve Somethings Tho?? I Feel Like It’s So Unfair!!!.

Has Been Working Hard For Years.
So, People Choose To Shove Aside This Hardwork And Put The Credit On Men!!Been Unmarried Is A Sin In Nigeria.Wooow!!.

I Still Wouldn’t Understand The Hate!!!
You People Find A Way To Give Hardworking Women Who Aren’t Married, Unnecessary Titles Base On Your Assumptions!!!Why Pls???‼️.

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What Are You Telling The Young Generation?That Being Married Is An Achievement And Will Free You From People Unnecessarily Judging You And Your Wins?Make It Make Sense Pls🙄🤦‍♀️”.

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