In a new production titled “Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Nile,” seasoned Nigerian actor Alhaji Kareem Adepoju, also referred to as “Baba Wande,” is going to revive the beloved Yoruba tale “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” on stage. Reimagined for a live audience by international cultural groups Aroogba Groove, Baba Wande is spearheading the effort to bring this timeless story to life.


The star-studded cast of “Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Nile” includes the talented Aisha Lawal, alongside renowned actors such as Baba Kamo, Dele Omo Woli, Mummy G.O, Baba Alariya, Ozain, Iya Mufu, Layi Wasabi Lawyer, Yaw, Agba Inaki, and Jude Chukwuka. With such a lineup of seasoned performers, the stage play promises to be a captivating and unforgettable experience for theater enthusiasts.

The veteran actor, Baba Wande, said, “This is an historic project, even though I am the owner of the story, I must confess to you that I am more than grateful to be part of this project, if I am not mistaken and with my experience, this is the first time in this country that I am witnessing a story that has been adapted to a film been re-adapted to a stage play, I have not seen or heard it before in this sphere. I give progenitors and producers of this project kudos for their ingenuity. I am happy to be part of it in my lifetime, and I am fully in support”


The executive producer of “Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Nile,” Dotun Taylor, has spearheaded the project to ensure that the essence and cultural significance of the original movie are preserved while adding a fresh perspective for the stage adaptation. Directed by Ropo Ewenla and written by Shola Balogun, the production is in good hands with a team of industry experts overseeing every aspect of the play.

The executives director, Ropo Ewenla said “I was a bit shocked when I was first contacted about the project, though I understand creativity is limitless but this took me unaware sincerely, and since we have been on it, it has really been an exciting experience with the level of creativity, quality of team, cast and Crew put together by the producers, I can assure Nigerians and the world that it’s TI OLUWA NILE redefined. It’s an experience that I believe everyone must witness and being the inaugural director of such a project makes me proud.”

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Bringing together a mix of veteran actors and rising stars, “Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Nile” aims to transport audiences into the world of the classic Yoruba tale with a modern twist. As Baba Wande takes on the role that made him a household name, fans can expect a powerful and emotional performance that pays homage to the timeless story of “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.”

With the support of Aroogba Groove and a dedicated team behind the scenes, Baba Wande and his fellow actors are ready to breathe new life into this beloved story and create an unforgettable theatrical experience for audiences and the premiere of “Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Nile” will witness the magic of live theater brought to you by some of Nigeria’s finest talents.