Bose Akinola is a familiar face in the Yoruba genre of the Nigerian movie industry. She is a governorship aspirant of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Oyo State chapter. In this interview by Rukiyat Bakare, she speaks about her background, her plans for Oyo TAMPAN and her relationship with actress Rukayat Lawal better known as “Iya Ibadan”.


How was growing up for you? Tell us about your educational background and childhood?


My name is Bose Akinola, I was born and I grew up in Ibadan. I attended Omoyeni Primary School and Community Grammar School, Akanran and also went to Adekile Goodwill Grammar School, Ibadan. After my secondary education, I joined my mother’s business; she was selling planks at Bodija Market, in Ibadan. I did that for years before I got married to my husband, Mr Akinola and God has blessed us with children to God be the glory, we’re now proud grandparents.

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What would you regard as the big break for you, which you could say brought you the fame you were longing for?

I became famous after I featured in a movie entitled: Idunnu Okan.  I have a passion for acting, even before I got married. I bless God for giving me a man who understands and gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream. It all started then when actors used  to come to our area for shooting and that was  how I met some actors who helped me into the industry. I started acting in the year 1997 and I give God all the glory for giving me the grace to go this far. My appreciation goes to  Olusho Adeyinka; ‘ Kabikoss, Loveland,  Alhaji  Jare Shobaloju, Alhaji Akeem Ofale and Alhaji Gbolagade Akinpelu, also known as Ogunmajek, for making it possible for me.

What would you say distinguishes you from other actresses in the industry? What is your selling point?

What I can say distinguishes me from other actresses is that I ensure that I give respect to the  elderly ones in the industry  and I have also been  faithful to people while I am always myself. I don’t try to be someone else that’s what I think makes me different from other actors.

Are there roles you will never take up, no matter the amount of money offered?

As an actor, you should be able to play any role but as a Yoruba actress, I can’t do what my children will not be proud of.

Tell us about the most challenging role you have ever played as an actress?

All roles are challenging, but there is this particular role that was very scary. I had to act with a snake.

During your declaration as governorship aspirant of Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Oyo State chapter, you unveiled some of your plans for the members of Oyo TAMPAN  if you eventually emerge winner, can you tell us about some of the  plans?

I have a lot of plans for my state and my people and  one of my plans is to have Oyo State TAMPAN  online TV,  to help those who want to become producers.  This is meant to provide support for our elders. It would also bring more productions to my state and help our aged. I pray  God help me to achieve these  goals and I need support of our people.

 As a governorship aspirant of Oyo TAMPAN, what do you think can be done by the government and the association to assist veterans who cannot or would not be able to get medical attention when the need arises?

If government can help us to key into the Oyo State   insurance scheme, it will go a long way. Also, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) will also be appreciated. Again, if government can help us build a Theatre Village whereby we won’t have to start going around to other places for locations, a place we can call our own and we can use at any time. These will be of great help.

You were quite close to popular actress, Rukayat Lawal.  Tell us about your relationship with her?

Rukayat  Lawal is my best friend, I met her when I joined the movie industry then, but our relationship began 10 years ago precisely, and we thank God we did not regret being together since then.

What are the most memorable moments you had in your career?

My first trip abroad in 2008, because I had been dreaming of travelling abroad for long and God did it through my first production that year.

As a successful mother how were you able to manage the klieghlight with catering for your family?

With God all things are possible and I always thank and appreciate my husband for his support always towards my career.

What do you think could be done to curb immorality in the movie industry?

Immorality goes beyond our industry alone, because morality starts from home.

What are your words to your fans?

I appreciate all my fans and pray that their happiness will be permanent by God’s grace.

What is your advice for up and coming actors?

My words to upcoming actors is for them to be patient, focused and be prayerful. With that all will work well for them.