Angel, a housemate on the just finished Big Brother Naija, Shine Ya Eyes, has spilled Emmanuel’s secrets, causing outrage on social media.


Angel claimed that Emmanuel was the first person who came unto her in a video of their interview that has gone viral on social media.


Emmanuel is said to have broken Angel’s heart after declaring his undying love for her.

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Angel alleged in the video that Emmanuel is a liar for claiming she flirted initially. She stated that Emmanuel was the one who initiated the flirting and even requested a kiss.

Many others claimed Angel was the liar, and the comment section was swamped with angry responses.

Take a look at the comments below.


stephie ugoo: Angel was playing footsie with Emma, Shey maria protested in her diary session, and he departed because he was uncomfortable. To some extent, it was evident that she had started flirting.


tz zay: I’m sorry, but I don’t believe Angel; she started flirting with him, and he went through with it; like he said, it’s all a cruise.

papilojr gfx: Emma, on the other hand, has never flirted with you, Angel!


Officialsemira: E said na Emma, how far kiss me, I respond Angel, I don’t want to kiss you, you’re my baby sister.

exquisite classy: We don’t know who started first, but based on what Kayode has shown us, it appears to be Angel. But, as we all know, the two were only on their way to catch a cruise. It was blown out of proportion by the fans.


stephanny xx: This isn’t cute on Angel; she should calm down and quit shouting; we’ll still hear her.