Celebrity marriages appear to be dissolving left and right in the press these days, almost more so than ever. It appears as though news of separation and divorce is constantly emerging from every nook and cranny, left and right, involving both long-term and short-term relationships.

Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington, one of the most well-known Nigerian couples, continue to inspire many people about what a successful marriage may be.


When Banky W sat down with the good people over at Hip TV, he opened up about his “Jo” music video which showed him dancing with his wife, Adesua, and expressed why he felt that video was so important. He also talked about how his marriage is today and gave his own outlook and perspective on marriage. Here is what Banky W said


Speaking about why he made the “Jo” music video, rampant news of breakups these days, his marriage to Adesua and more, Banky W said:

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BANKY W: What I wanted to do in the “Jo” video was just to represent the beauty that marriage could be and should be. If you have God as your foundation, your marriage can still be fun, it can still be sexy, it can still be a great time. I’m having literally the best years of my life right now, and I just feel like on music television, there is not a whole lot of that. There are hookups, there are breakups, there are even proposals – I mean, I’ve done “will you marry me” type videos before, but they’re not so many videos that celebrate marriage being fun and sexy and just having a great time. And it just feels like you know, these days, you only hear about the bad sides of marriages. You hear about divorces, you hear about breakups, or scandals, or problems, and marriage has started to seem like something that is more to be endured rather than enjoyed, and I just wanted to represent something different. I wanted to do a video that [shows] here we are years into our marriage but we still have date night. In the video, we’re doing dinner and dancing. We rented out this banquet hall and it’s this elaborate dinner, but it’s just a moment between a husand and a wife having the time of their lives. Because I feel like it’s important to be that light, to show people that marriage doesn’t need to be boring, it doesn’t need to be rigid, it doesn’t need to be painful. Yes there are always difficult times in every relationship but if you get the foundation right which is God, then you can still have the time of your life. We’ve got engaged, we’ve got married, and here we are a few years down the line, and God has been so kind to us. Our relationship is stronger now than it’s ever been. We’ve taken our lumps, we’ve had our rough times, but God has been good, and we’re still going strong.

What do you think about what Banky W said?