All you need to know about Klint da Drunk’s biography: career, net worth, age, accident and Education


Klint da Drunk’s biography includes information on his work, financial worth, age, accident.


Klint da Drunk, a prominent Nigerian comedian, is in a jubilant mood after recounting how he survived a horrific tragedy on social media.


Klint da Drunk, who thanks God for sparing his life, posted a photo of the car, which was clearly wrecked beyond repair.

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Since hearing the wonderful news, the comedian’s fans, followers, and coworkers have gone to social media to express their gratitude to God for his life.

Klint da Drunk is recognized for his unique style of comedy, which involves his feigning inebriation on stage.

Klint da Drunk has built a career for himself over the years, and is now considered one of Nigeria’s top comedians, alongside Basket Mouth, Bovi, Ushbebe, and others.

This post will go over all you need to know about Klint da Drunk, so keep reading to learn more.

Klint da Drunk’s Profile Summary

Full name:  Afamefuna Klint Igwemba

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 3rd of March 1975

Age: 46 years old in 2021

State of Origin:  Anambra state

Nationality: Nigerian

Marital status:  Married to Lillian Klint Igwemba

Children:  Two

Profession:  Comedian, actor, musician and dancer, Painter

Net worth:  N200 million

Klint da Drunk’s biography

His true name is Afamefuna Klint Igwemba, and he was born in Anambra State on March 3, 1975. There is no information about his parents or siblings.

Klint da Drunk was born in Nigeria and turned 45 years old in March 2021.

Klint da Drunk’s Education

Although there are no records of Klint da Drunk’s education history online, he is thought to have had an education.

Klint da Drunk’s Career

Klint da Drunk began his career in the entertainment industry as a vocalist, although he has stated that he does not intend to pursue it as a vocation. He rose to prominence after making his first appearance in Nigga Raw’s debut album “Obodo” and thereafter appearing in a number of additional videos.

In a later interview, the Anambra-born comedian said that he wrote the original version of the song Obodo and that he appeared on Nigga Raw’s record as a friend rather than because he aspired to be a professional singer.

Klint da Drunk rose to notoriety in the early 2000s after a standout performance on ‘Night of Thousand Laughs,’ a popular comedy show hosted by Opa Willims in various parts of Nigeria. He has since shared the stage alongside many of Nigeria’s most well-known comedians.

He’s also appeared in a variety of films, including Destroyer, Chain Reaction, Lost Kingdom, and My House Help, to name a few.

Klint da Drunk’s Personal Experiences

Klint da Drunk is married to Lillian Klint Igwemba, and they have two children together.

Despite his stage name, Klint da Drunk, the A-rated comedian revealed in a statement that he does not drink alcohol.

Klint da Drunk’s Net worth

Klint da Drunk is reportedly worth N200 million.