Popular radio presenter Islamic cleric Sheik Agbara Omi has decided to have a say about the matter between Popular pastor Agbala Gabriel and Muyideen.


Sheik Agbara Omi stated that Agbala Gabriel was envious of Islam that what put him in trouble with Muyideen, i dont figth for people to join Islam by force, if you want to change a people you let them join by their choice.


If you notice many Christians use to force peto join their religion that is what implicated Pastor Agbala Gabriel.

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Many netizens reacted to the Islamic cleric video.

Tope Aribosogan wroteThunder fire u there, who as bewitch Us in Yoruba land

Adeoye wrote: You no get sence sir

Adenike wrote: U pple don start

Olayinka wrote : Eleribu ni yin sir

Ebenezer wrote: It will never be well with you this useless man

Desmond wrote:Oga I do not want to disrespect am elderly man,ur words aren’t palatable to my hearings

Ariyo wrote: 😀😀😀😀😀 eerin ti ku si ilu ailobe o….dis are d ones who has been saying ejaka wo ibi to ma jasi…..am not disappointment at all on dis baba

Babatunde wrote: Your opinion is yours sir, but what you said here doesn’t bring anything sensible at all, how many Muslims have you helped or bring out of poverty, it’s unfortunate that this can come from you, you are disgrace to yoruba race and the religion you believe in.

Great lord wrote: You are talking jargon

Mighty Ayodele wrote: This is the biggest problem in have in society now
Why the envy doesn’t make Pastor to stop helping him at first sight
Muideen was the most aided or most helped person since agbala foundation started despite religion different. Where are u and those ritu@list alfas when he looked like a m@d man on the street hawking, don’t you know he’s Muslim that time 😡
I know most of the ignorant alfas are waiting for this to happen so to split out their mind

Stup!d people

Makinde wrote: You are not saying the truth sir am from a Muslim background, all what you said are pure lairs may the Lord forgive you

Watch video below