Uche Ogbodo, a Nollywood actress, has reaffirmed her love for her second baby daddy Bobby Maris, vowing to never leave him.





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The actress revealed this during a Q&A session with fans, who grilled her on a variety of topics including her life, relationship, kids, and baby daddy.


If she receives a marriage proposal, a fan asked Uche Ogbodo if she could leave her baby daddy Bobby Maris and become a wife.


Uche Ogbodo, in response, stated that she would never abandon her baby daddy.


Uche Ogbodo recently detailed her first pregnancy experiences, which she characterizes as “sad,” but God has transformed her life.




Uche Ogbodo, who joined the viral Pregnancy challenge, believes that pregnancy will only humble a woman if she is with the wrong person.



Uche Ogbodo, who shared a photo of her first pregnancy, characterized herself as the world’s saddest pregnant woman.


Uche Ogbodo claims that despite the difficulties of her first pregnancy, she will not curse her first baby daddy because God has given her beauty in exchange for ashes.


Uche Ogbodo expressed gratitude to Bobby Maris, her second baby daddy, for bringing her infinite joy and laughter.