Actress Nkechi Blessing has passed out at the Ojodu Berger, Lagos, burial of her late mother, Mrs Gloria Sunday Obasa.


Family members are attempting to wake her awake in the video, which has gone viral on social media.


Nkechi Blessing Sunday, the devastated actress, was seen screaming out to her mother in another video, pleading with her to return.

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“This weekend we lay you to eternal Rest mummy…,” Nkechi Blessing said on her Instagram page a few hours ago. It’s difficult to accept, but it’s a fact I’ll have to accept for the rest of my life. Can you see how useless and lethargic I’ve been since you left? Mummy, I lived for you, but you chose to end it this way… Who am I to voice my dissatisfaction? Rather than being strong despite the fact that it is the most difficult thing for me right now,”






Nkechi Blessing wrote an emotional tribute to her mother in which she describes how she has been working day and night to guarantee that her mother does not beg for food.

Nkechi Blessing wrote on her Instagram page that if physicians had asked for money to keep her mother alive, she would have begged the world to help her.

Her mother, on the other hand, merely complained of stomach problems before passing away. Nkechi Bless pondered how she would face the world with her mother, who is still in denial about the tragic incident.

Nkechi Blessing claimed to have built a house for her mother as a surprise birthday present, but she departed before seeing it.



In a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, actress Nkechi Blessing confessed that the only thing that can ever shatter her is if her mother dies.

My mother has been through a lot; she has taken care of us on her own since my father died in 2014, and she has always been there for us….

Before impressing the streets, I take care of my home, and I pray that God blesses me enough to make her happy…. It will never happen, Father in Heaven, but the only thing that will make me sad and cause the rest of the world to watch me cry is when my mother dies, which will not happen today in Jesus’ name because she will live a long life o, aside from that, nothing else,” Nkechi stated.