Nollywood actress Kemi Korede has put a smile on a bride’s face as she takes the first leg to forever with her boo.


The actress flew to Nigeria to make the bride’s wedding introduction memorable.


Taking to Instagram, Kemi Korede who seems very familiar with the bride, expressed how excited she is to see her walk down the aisle.

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Kemi Korede revealed that she is lucky to have her in her world.

Highlighting her qualities, she praised the bride for being cheerful, loyal, kind, hardworking, zealous, respectful, dependable and trustworthy.

“AYOMIKUN OLUWA Abike mi omo Balogun!!!!! I count myself lucky to have you in my world!! It is such an honour. To know you is to love you. Your cheerful spirit J’s so infectious. Your loyalty never ceases to amaze me. You are one of a kind. You are such a hard-working young woman & your zeal to achieve more is inspiring. You are extremely respectful, dependable & trustworthy. On this special day of yours, May Allah bless your home, Omo mi. I live you with life, my baby girl BALOGUN. Big congratulations bibire ko se fi Owo Ra”.

In another post, Kemi Korede, who pulled off a surprise visit at her wedding, stated that there was no way she wouldn’t make it to her big day.

She noted how she had been praying and waiting for such a day.

“Adebola omo Balogun…. Abike temi ni kan. There’s is no way I would have missed out on this solemn occasion…. Absolutely no way!!! Nothing in this world can keep away from being there for you on such a special day. You mean the world to me & you are worth more than this little surprise of showing up for you on this day unexpectedly I have been praying & waiting for this day for a very long time. My baby girl is hooked. You deserve nothing but the BEST. Your humility is rare. You are one of the special gifts to me from Allah. I pray that God will complete this good work that He has started. May your union be blessed beyond your imaginations. May the Lord bond & love between you grow stronger each day. May the mercies of Allah never end in your lives. Congratulations my darling little sister. I looooooooove you for life”.