Kemi Afolabi, a Nollywood actress, has hinted at being pregnant since she can’t comprehend her current food cravings.





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In August, Kemi Afolabi celebrated her daughter’s 11th birthday, which is wonderful news if she is expecting another child.



Kemi Afolabi posted on her Instagram page that she is wanting red velvet cake and has begged her fans to help her get it delivered to her house.



According to Kemi Afolabi, she has been wanting food unnecessarily, implying that she is pregnant.



Is like pe I’m pregnant o, she wrote. In any case, I’m hungry. Mo ma fe je Edakun Red Velvet. Who is going to bring it to Mowe Baayii?



According to Kemi Afolabi, marriage is not a ticket to heaven, and if it doesn’t work out for someone, that shouldn’t stop them from living their lives.


In an interview with Broadway TV, Kemi Afolabi stated that being married is about co-existing with one’s partner in order to live in love and have children.


People should consider marrying their friends, according to Kemi Afolabi, and it isn’t a huge issue if the marriage doesn’t work out.


Becoming married has nothing to do with being a celebrity, and marriage is not a ticket to heaven, according to Kemi Afolabi.