Biola Adebayo, a Nigerian actress, recently made Nigerian comedian Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr Macaroni, emotional by showering him with prayers.





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Biola Adebayo wrote in an Instagram post that even though it is not Mr Macaroni’s birthday today, she will always express her love for him.


Biola Adebayo hoped that the comedian would never have a better day than yesterday and that he would never fail or tumble.


Adebowale mi, she wrote. It’s not his birthday; I’m simply counting one of my many blessings. I’m just stopping by to let you know that I adore you and will always try my best for you, @mrmacaroni1. In Jesus’ powerful name, Adebowale mi, you will never have a better yesterday, you will never fall or fail in life.



Mr Macaroni, who appeared emotional in response to the tweet, stated his admiration for Biola Adebayo and proclaimed his love for her.


Awwwwn my love!!! wrote mrmacaroni1. Are you attempting to rip me apart? Thank you for always being my love. I adore you and will continue to do so.


Mr. Macaroni just made a surprising revelation regarding his life and parents, according to the author.


In a tweet shared on social media, the comedian and activist revealed that he attended four different universities.


Mr Macaroni claims that his parents remained by him throughout his tough years, even when others discouraged them, claiming he had spiritual issues.