Former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemate Maria has been lambasted by Nollywood actress Ada Ameh for joining the league of Nigerians who do not follow rules and regulations.


Pere Egbi of BBNaija recently issued a warning to Nigerians who often attempt to jeopardize their safety by leaving phones on during vital takeoff and landing procedures.


Pere believes that one’s safety is more important than the texts and phone calls that people desire to make.

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He wrote: “Dear Nigerians, when the flight crew says turn off all mobile devices, especially during the critical phases of taking off and landing, TURN IT OFF! “Those texts and calls can wait! safety first! Happy Friday!”

Reacting to this popular media personality, Daddy Freeze cautioned Pere that there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving phones on throughout the flight and landing.

Daddy Freeze challenged pilots to debate with him, adding that people are only asked to switch off their phones for security reasons.

He wrote: “Dear Nigerians, rest your minds, there is absolutely nothing a mobile phone can do to the equipment of a modern aircraft even if the mobile phone is on a call during landing and taking off. I hereby challenge any pilot to debate this with me” The only reason why you are told to switch off your phones is for security reasons.

So someone won’t call from the flight and say there’s a bomb or the plane is about to crash “Knowledge is power!”

Responding to this, Maria, in a post shared on her Instagram page, said with over six years of experience as an ex-flight attendant and a trained basic pilot, nothing can happen to the aircraft/flight at any stage, even if a phone is one.

She wrote: My dearest Nigerians, As an ex-flight attendant for 6 years and a trained basic pilot, there’s absolutely nothing that can happen to the aircraft/flight all any stages of the flight, take off, cruise and landing stages. Thank you

Displeased with the response, Ada Ameh questioned Maria on why pilots make the announcement stating that it’s good to keep quiet sometimes when one does not have anything to say.

Ada Ameh added that Maria had joined many other Nigerians who cannot abide by simple rules and regulations, also encouraging lawlessness.

Ada Ameh wrote: Madam, so why are they always making the announcement? Sometimes it’s good to keep quiet if you don’t have anything to say!! You just joined many Nigerians
that cannot abide by simple rules and regulations. And also encourage lawlessness.