IK Ogbonna, a Nollywood actor, has responded to a troll who attacked him over his breakup with Fancy Acholonu on behalf of his closest friend, Alex Ekubo.




After receiving a Doctorate Degree in Arts and Culture from a university in the Benin Republic, Ik Ogbonna took to Instagram to show images of himself and Alex.

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In response, an Instagram troll insulted Alex Ekubo, claiming that he received a doctoral certificate instead of a marriage certificate since he couldn’t get a marriage certificate.


Ik Ogbonna, who appeared to be offended by the statement, attacked the troll, claiming he had yet to acquire a functioning brain. Take a look at the following conversation:


If they don’t issue you a marriage certificate, you can at least get a document certificate, according to Charmygold.

Ik Ogbonna wrote: @charmygold, you still don’t have a functioning brain.

Fancy Acholonu came to her Instagram page on Thursday evening to put an end to their relationship rumors, confirming that her relationship with Alex Ekubo has ended.

Fancy claims that she chose to end the relationship because it is critical for all people to pursue happiness and live in their own truth.

She also pleaded with the general public to respect her privacy.