Comedian kiekie has taken to Instagram to celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary today.


He appreciates is parent for the kind of good moral in which they are thought and happy that both parents have gone this far in life.


Because it’s not easy for both couples staying together for 40th years and still counting.

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She Wrote: Today is my parents 40th Wedding anniversary 😍
I’m just so amused as to how you both have lived together for 40 years and grateful to have been a huge part of that.
Thank you for being such an amazing figures to look up to. Your union is blessed with children, blessed with love, blessed with harmony and above all blessed with the presence of Christ.
Thank you for teaching us. For leading us by good examples and for planting Christ in our lives.
Daddy I got a lot of my talents, my witty and hilarious personality from you and I’ll forever be grateful for.
Mummy I got my Business and street OT from you and of course the exaggerations and Ajasa also from you 😂😂😂😂😂.
I’m grateful for the good health and the wealthy live you’re living.
Ewo! Let me just stop here, Cos I can go on for days 😩🥰🥰🥰

See her post below;


See How Netizen celebrated the anniversary withe the popular Comedian below;

_tennie_wrote: Mummy and Daddy 😍🥰❤️❤️ awon “don’t bring nonsense to my side” while keeping a smiling welcoming face. I too love them for that 🤣🤣🥺

Majeedah_amog wrote: This is so beautiful to see❤️ My parent has been married for 51years, I look at them and I’m so grateful to God. May God bless our parent.

Remifagbohun wrote: We thank God for the foundation they gave you! Because of them we get you and your beautiful, loving personality! May God continue to bless them and their love IJN! Here’s to many more years of marital happiness to them and to you!

Princeoyg wrote: U see now that marriage is not a scam.. don’t let the few online immature adulterous divorcee dictate ur destiny.. he who finds a good wife/hubby,…

_lanleriyke wrote: This is what am saying but most of my gender will never listen ti d truth, imagine grandma & grandpa live in marriage for 40 years 😍do you all think they don’t fight or you think grandpa will not do what will make grandma angry to leave d marriage 😢but there’s something called “Patience “ endurance and peace ✌️ learn to have it in marriage ❤️😘but d main thing is “PRAY “ always hold ur marriage with GOD … you will see how things will be going well till old age… congratulations to grandma & grandpa 😍😍😍😍 @kie_kie__ kie__ you will celebrate 🎉 more years with ur husband too inshallah 😘😘😘