“Your Husband And Tinubu Are Both Sick” Actor Olu Jacobs Get Dragged In The Mud Over His Wife Support For Tinubu

Several days after seasoned actress Joke Silva stormed the APC event in Lagos in support of Ahmed Tinubu, online users have persisted in dragging her ill husband Olu Jacobs.

Following her participation in the women’s demonstration in support of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, Joke Silva reportedly became a Twitter trending topic.

Following the publication of the report, several Netizens expressed their displeasure with Mercy Johnson and Joke Silva for joining the party.

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She was cruelly dragged by Nigerians on social media, which prompted her to publish a message on her Instagram account.

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Many Nigerians questioned her moral reasoning and demanded to know why she abandoned her ailing husband, Olu Jacobs.

Olu Jacobs is currently being dragged by Nigerians despite his health condition. One IruefiNG questioned why Joke wouldn’t allow her ailing husband near a movie location but would endorse another “ailing” man to become president. She wrote; “Joke Silva won’t let her husband Pa Olu Jacobs take movie roles due his deteriorated mental and physical condition caused by Parkinson’s disease, but she wants Tinubu who is also a patient of the same ailment to be a whole a$$ president, is this not madness? Are you kidding me?”

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In another tweet, she wrote, “I haven’t even started. Pa Olu Jacobs is in the same physical and mental condition as Bola Tinubu, he has stopped taking movie roles for years due to his ill health, Joke Silva won’t even let him do that, but she wants Tinubu to be our president, God pun!sh am, nonsense!. The fact that there’s an outrage that Tinubu was compared to Pa Olu Jacobs due to the similar ailment they both suffer is enough reason to know that you are supporting the wrong candidate. Why else are you offended? Funny BATISTS.”

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