Why I reject suitors – Peju Johnson

Why I reject suitors – Peju Johnson 1

Nollywood actress Peju Johnson has continued to soar in her chosen career since her debut.

In a recent interview, the light skinned script interpreter who recently produced her first movie, PJ (Pelumi Jonathan) opens up on her love life and why she rejects suitors.

I can reject a man if he doesn’t have respect for me or for other people. I don’t like men that are disrespectful to women or anyone else at that. . I love a loving, tall, dark, caring, romantic and respectful man. The most importantly, he must be God fearing because if a man can fear God, the rest is simple. Nowadays men don’t even fear themselves not to talk of God. And luckily for me, no pressure at all from home. My mum is a very loving woman. She is understanding and won’t even force or rush me into taking a wrong decision because she knows everything happens at the right time and God’s timing is the best. Although she do asks once awhile but never pressurizing me” she said.

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On what she thinks of her colleagues who bring their personal matters to social media pages, Ms Johnson said, “As you can see, I’m a very private person. People only know my Instagram page but not my real life. I’m not the type that brings her personal matters to social media because it’s really not a good thing. People only see and know what you allow them to. Privacy is the best.”

Asked how she deals with heartbreaks, the light skinned thespian said, “I’m a strong woman. A very strong woman. I don’t love often. I hardly love or date. But once I do I really love the person. And when they hurt me, I always break down, mentally and emotionally. But once I manage to get up, they are always dead to me. I break down for sometimes and get back up and I would stop dating till I see someone better and worth it.”

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