“Why Did You Change Your Sound After ‘Godwin’ Was Already a Hit?” – Korede Bello Responds

The old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Since the fans of that sound want to hear more of it from them, some musicians, including P-Square and Chike, have openly discussed how they too adhere to the sentiment of this saying and don’t feel any need to change their music or sound. However, there is a different group of artists who attempt to experiment with various sounds and create unique musical styles. Time has proven that there is no ideal strategy. Some people who only make one sound eventually pass away, and so do some people who alternate between different noises.

But still the question begs asking – if you’ve made a song that people like and have honed in on a sound that people enjoy listening to. Why go and change it?

During a recent interview with The Cable Lifestyle, Nigerian singer Korede Bello was essentially asked this question. Why did he change the sound of his song “Godwin” after experiencing such great success with it? Here are Korede Bello’s comments.

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Speaking on why he changed his sound after “Godwin” even though the song was a hit, Korede Bello said:

I put out songs before ‘Godwin’ that sounded different. It is not like Godwin is my style, it is just the medium that I used to express that particular message at that time. And after that, I have done other styles. If I have a message to pass, I try to choose the best medium for that message and after then I put out different songs that have done well. As I said, different levels come with different expressions.

Speaking on the criticisms he got from that decision and all the criticisms he gets till now, Korede Bello said:

It is all the same to me. Positive or negative criticism is a subjective opinion of something that is out there. You don’t have control over the people that are receiving the message you’re putting out. You can’t please everybody and people perceive information differently, so with that, I always focus on what I can control.

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And the only thing I can control is what I put out, so whatever the reaction after that, I don’t pay too much attention to what doesn’t make me grow. Meanwhile, there are some positive feedbacks that you can take and work on.

Speaking on the commercialization of Afrobeats now, Korede Bello said:

I have been fortunate to be part of the artistes who have benefitted from the recent spread of the Afrobeats gospel. I feel like I’m one of the first people to experience the global impact of the Afrobeats with ‘Do Like That’ in 2016 or 2017. And even ‘Micasa Sucasa’ during the lockdown enjoyed global reception.

It has benefited me and it is still benefiting me. I’m happier and more grateful that it is benefiting the industry as a whole. That for me is the joy and not necessarily the optics. People have had it and will still have it after you. The fact that music no longer has borders; that freedom for music to travel brings me joy.

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What do you think about what Korede Bello said? Do you think he was ‘foolish’ to not stick to the “Godwin” sound or do you appreciate that he was willing to try out different sounds and experiment with his music?