Why Chelsea Players are afraid to wear Jersey Number 9


No Chelsea player is presently sporting the number 9 shirt. The number was worn by Romelu Lukaku last season, however since moving from Chelsea to Inter Milan, it has been empty at Chelsea.

There are a few attacking players at Chelsea, but none of them are prepared to wear the number 9. Raheem Sterling recently transferred from Manchester City to Chelsea, but he is not yet ready to don the number 9. Timo Werner is presently sporting the number 11 for Chelsea, and it doesn’t appear like he will switch numbers.

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The mere idea that the number 9 is cursed makes Chelsea’s players reluctant to wear it. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that a few of the attackers who wore the number 9 for Chelsea have fallen far short of expectations. Didier Drogba excelled as an offensive threat, however he wore jersey number 11 for Chelsea rather than 9.

Why Chelsea’s players think the number 9 on their jersey is cursed;

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When Fernando Torres left Liverpool for Chelsea and received the number 9 jersey, he immediately struggled. Alvaro Morata moved to Chelsea from Real Madrid, but he fared poorly. Romelu Lukaku of Inter Milan is the newest.

Chelsea acquired Romelu Lukaku for £100 million from the Blues. He was consistently scoring goals before he signed with Chelsea. He was competing with Cristiano Ronaldo for the title of Serie A’s top scorer at Inter Milan.

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He accepted the number 9 jersey after joining Chelsea, but when he started to play poorly, both football fans and commentators were quick to criticize him. After just one season, his underwhelming performance forced his early departure from the team.

I won’t hold it against the current players if they avoid wearing Chelsea’s number 9 because I’ve seen all these great players perform worse when they wore it.

Do you believe that Chelsea’s number 9 is a curse?