Weeks after being accused of dating married man, actress Bukola Kiitan react to Davido’s claims that actresses slept with rich men


A few weeks after being accused of snatching a married man with three kids from his wife, actress Bukola Kiitan reacted to Davido’s 2011 tweet, actresses advertise their goodies to rich men than acting.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, she said:

“I believe everybody has their opinions, and anybody can believe whatever they choose to. Actress are in the face of the public, and people read meaning to everything they (do). They practically have no privacy.”

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Kiitan also stated that if an actress is close to a man, it would cause an uproar because the public would feel they are having an affair, or that the actress is sleeping around.

She also added that whatever happens in the movie industry can also be found in other sector but people don’t talk about them because they are not in the public glare. She said, “You don’t know what happens in the hospital or what nurses do.”

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The actress also noted that the ‘general’ view about actresses sleeping around affected her close associate to the point that her explanations (to the contrary) were not believed because people already had preconceived notion about actresses.