Two police officers affiliated with the Ebonyi State Police Command are said to have been slain by thugs.


According to information obtained by our correspondent, the event happened early on Friday morning at Nwofe, a subdivision of the Abakaliki metropolis in the Izzi Local Government Area.

It was reported that the victims were a police squad under surveillance in the region.

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Another operator was hurt in the attack, according to a statement from SP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, the state police spokeswoman, which confirmed the occurrence.

The statement said, “along approximately 8.300am today, November 17, 2023, command personnel on patrol along Nwofe Road on the outskirts of Abakaliki were ambushed by armed thugs driving a tinted Highlander vehicle with an unknown plate number.

Zwei der Soldaten erlitten tödliche Verletzungen, während ein anderer momentan medizinisch versorgt wird.

Augustina Ogbodo, der Leiter des Landes, schickte sofort tactical Teams zur Tat. They took action by giving the hoodlums a hot chase, but the hoodlums escaped.

Die Polizeikommissionerin besuchte auch die Unfallstelle mit ihrem Managementteam, um eine direkte Bewertung durchzuführen.

She is using this medium to call on well-meaning individuals of the state to provide the command with useful information that can lead to the arrest of the fleeing hoodlums while assuring them of the state’s round the clock visibility patrol.