Following his wife Annie Idibia’s outburst on September 3, 2021, musician 2face Idibia has posted his first post on his Instagram stories today, September 7, 2021.




This comes after controversial Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu called him to order, describing 2Face Idibia’s quiet over his marital crisis as “absolutely unacceptable,” while his brother, Charles, continues to sling insults with his wife, Annie, on social media.

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Oga So your younger brother has grown so many wings that he now exchanges words with your wife on social media? That’s just wrong and not cool. But you remain silent? Have you assigned authority to Charlse or are you no longer the leader of the household? Should your younger brother be permitted to exchange words with the MOTHER of your children whom you paid bride price for, even if you and Annie have minor disagreements? What happened to RESPECT? What do you want her pikin to think about it? Silence is golden, but it makes you look weak right now, sir…” Uche took to Instagram to express himself.


2face Idbia reacted moments earlier via his Instagram stories, reposting lyrics from his song “Dance in the Rain,” which read, “Forget about tomorrow, live in now, Tomorrow will be great, so don’t let your worries, Take away the beauty of today.” Simply soak up the rays and dance in the rain.”


Below is a screenshot from 2face:


Annie Idibia took to Instagram Stories on Thursday, September 2, 2021, to call him out on their relationship, according to reports.


I am a woman who is patient. I am not a naive fool. Your family has never been fond of me from the start. Regardless of how much I tried. She wrote, “I was never worthy of them.”


I’ve made numerous sacrifices for you and your entire family. I’ve tried everything. Your baby moms are always using your children as an excuse to do whatever they want.”


I attempt to maintain a gracious demeanor. You are far from the first man on the earth to have children from multiple women. You’re capable of more. Everything I do is to demonstrate that you are a nice human being.”


“However, today, your, Efe, Frankie, and your family’s actions are unacceptable.”


“What kind of father takes his children to Disney World and sleeps in the same apartment as his children and their mother? How many times have you taken Pero to see your children? and she’s going to live with you and the kids in the same house?”


Fans have reacted to the move on social media, with many questioning Annie Idibia for airing their family’s dirty laundry on social media.


Pero Adeniyi and 2Face Idibia had a long-term romance that lasted over seven years. The couple had three children: Ehi, the singer’s first daughter, was born in 2006, Innocent, named after 2Face Idibia, was born in 2012, and Justin, the third kid, was born in 2013.