Top TV personality Toke Makinwa, who is happily single again after her marriage to fitness expert Maje Ayida fell through, has spoken out about the difficulties she and other beautiful women face in the hands of possible lovers.




Beautiful girls are the ones who go through the worst in relationships, according to Toke Makinwa’s recent Vlog.

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“If you’re not beautiful, men will assume you’re humble and simple to approach,” she says, “but if you’re gorgeous, they assume you’re going to be proud.” Worse yet, when you’re attractive and wealthy, people automatically assume you’re arrogant. They assume you’re always surrounded by men who are after you. “It’s something that all the pretty girls can connect to.”



Toke Makinwa went on to wonder why attractive girls marry beautiful boys while she and her peers remain single and dissatisfied.



“If you’re lovely, fine guys won’t want to get too close to you or woo you,” she says. It’s no surprise that good males always end up with ugly girls, while gorgeous ones remain unmarried.




You wonder why the unattractive females are getting married before you, and they say it’s because of the vibes. Vibes? Did you approach the lovely lady only to discover she doesn’t have the right vibes? These guys usually come to the conclusion that attractive woman are always busy, which is why they don’t take their shots. They believe that every beautiful woman in the world has a man at her beck and call. However, these lovely ladies, ironically, do not have any men in their lives.


Basically, their beauty is oppressing their potentials boyfriends/suitors. ‘Na fine I fine, I no kill person. “