Three things to be noted as Lionel Messi’s World Cup debut concludes in an astonishing loss

ARGENTINA 1-2 Saudi Arabia’s victory over Messi and Argentina at the Lusail Stadium, one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history, came after the Saudis trailed 1-0 at the half.

Argentina and Messi lost shockingly in their debut game in Qatar.

Lionel Messi couldn’t believe it when Saudi Arabia pulled off one of the greatest World Cup upsets ever.

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The Saudis miraculously overcame a goal deficit to defeat Argentina 2-1 and secure the 2022 World Cup, spurred on by a fervent fan base in Qatar.

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In the 10th minute, Messi converted a penalty to start the scoring. His goal was later overturned in the first half as teammate Lautaro Martinez scored two goals.

However, Herve Renard’s underdogs responded with two goals at the opening of the second period, one from Saleh Al Shehri and the other from Salem Al Dawsari.

Argentina and Messi attempted to retaliate but were unsuccessful, and one of the greatest World Cup storylines was born.

This is how Messi’s day unfolded.

1. Saudi Arabia supporters speak out.

Saudi supporters booed Messi as he took a corner.

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Messi is adored by all, right?

Not the extremely vocal and arrogant Saudi Arabian supporters, who jeered the Paris Saint-Germain player at every touch during the game’s early moments and booed him whenever he took a corner.

He is picked out by almost every opponent he encounters, so it is nothing new for him, but it definitely isn’t how he would have liked to have begun his final World Cup.

Even if the superb Saudi supporters were boisterous throughout the early exchanges, something was about to happen that would silence even them.

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2. Perfect, as anticipated

Argentina now leads thanks to a penalty kick from Messi.

No one, not a single person in the enormous Lusail Stadium, the location of the championship game, anticipated Messi would miss his spot-kick when he walked up to take it.

The No. 10 scored in the 10th minute to get Argentina’s tournament off to the smoothest start possible. He also helped to calm down his teammates as they fought to defeat a hard-working, frequently robust Saudi side.

3. What on earth happened there?

Messi was left speechless as Saudi Arabia rallied to win.
It was genuinely amazing and one of the best World Cup stories ever.

We haven’t seen anything like Saudi Arabia’s comeback from trailing by one goal at the break to taking the lead eight minutes after the second half’s restart.

But we still anticipated a reaction from Messi and Argentina.

He tried, and there were a few lovely passes, but in reality, both he and his team’s spirits appeared to be broken. To the delight of the Saudi crowd, he skied a free-kick over the crossbar.

Then a header that was easily saved came along, making the unthinkable happen.

The world will be shocked by this outcome.