The History, Script Content and Literary Concepts : A Review Of Elesin Oba (The King’s Horseman) – By Odunlade Adekola

The award-winning poet, playwright, and novelist Wole Soyinka’s play Elesin Oba was turned into a film by the late Biyi Bandele and the ever-graceful Mo Abudu. Given that the play was initially written for the stage and that its author is so well-versed in literary themes and play theory, turning it into a movie would be a tremendous undertaking. Due to the fact that Elesin Oba is based on a genuine story, we must first provide some background information and historical context.

Background Story Of Elesin Oba

In order for Alaafin of Oyo, Siyanbolu Ladigbolu, who ruled between 1911 and 1914, to safely visit his ancestors after his passing, a ceremony was to be carried out. Elesin Oba, the monarch’s right-hand man, had to die along with him because, in accordance with Yoruba tradition, he needed to be buried alongside the king in order to serve him in the hereafter.

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The Elesin Oba was unfortunately detained and imprisoned by a British officer who was ignorant of this culture since, in accordance with British law, attempting suicide is a crime and they did not want the Elesin Oba to commit suicide.

Elesin Oba Movie Reviews

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The film explores the impact that the British had on African culture. Elesin Oba, who knew full well that he would die accompanying the King, began squandering time by womanizing and engaging in other frivolities.

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His eyes are drawn to a stunning virgin woman in what are supposed to be his final hours on earth. He declares his intention to marry her after being smitten by her attractiveness and goes on to have a lovely night with the virgin woman.

Simon Pilkings, a white district officer from the province who learns of the ceremonial suicide through police officer Amusan, warns the entire hamlet of the approaching atrocity. Outraged by such “crude” methods, he tries to put an end to them. He therefore detained Elesin before his soul entered the afterlife.

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The dreaded monstrosity occurred when Elesin Oba, a character played by Odunlade Adekola, was languishing in prison, and he later expressed regret for his acts and the embarrassment they caused his village. Without his Elesin, the deceased king will not be permitted to enter the throne room with his predecessors in heaven because of the abomination.

It is a legitimate work of literary theory and historical content.