Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min has reassured fans after an apparent ankle injury scare during South Korea’s 5-0 victory over Singapore. Although Son scored the third goal in the second half, he later sustained a knock on his ankle, requiring treatment and causing visible discomfort.


Concerns arose among Spurs supporters as their leading scorer remained on the field for the final ten minutes. Fans urged South Korea manager Jurgen Klinsmann to protect Son and prevent him from joining other players on the treatment table.

Fortunately, Son seems to have avoided significant damage, downplaying fears of an injury after the game. Speaking to the press, he stated, “I am fine now. I don’t like to lie down for a long time [on the pitch] in winter. At that moment [I went down], I couldn’t feel anything on my foot.” Son emphasized that minor injuries are part of the game, and players continue to play for the team despite such challenges.

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“We are building a team for the World Cup, and I can’t give up a game just because I feel pain. If I can’t run anymore, then I can’t do anything about it, but when I can run, I have to give 100% for the team,” added Son.

This isn’t the first instance of Son causing concern among Spurs fans while on international duty. Both September and October witnessed similar worries, yet Son has consistently made himself available for his club this season, featuring in all 12 Premier League games during Ange Postecoglou’s tenure.

Postecoglou, responding to calls from fans to rest Son for his well-being, brushed off the concerns with a lighthearted remark. “Look, as long as he’s still scoring goals, I don’t care, mate,” quipped the Spurs boss to Standard Sport. He emphasized Son’s character and the journey that brought him to where he is, stating, “Sonny is who he is, and he’s gotten to where he is because of the person he is, and I’m certainly not going to change any part of that, mate. Sometimes we want to change people, but we don’t understand that the thing that has brought them to where they are is because of the people they are. So I’m not changing anything in Sonny. If anything, you can learn from people like that. That’s the beauty of me being in the position I am; you come across different people every time you go on this kind of journey, and you learn from all of them.”

“The manner in which he shoulders the responsibility not only for his entire nation, and he does so with great seriousness, I find commendable—beyond commendable, it’s truly remarkable. We’ve observed other players who, in the face of fame and fortune, veer off course a bit.

“However, Sonny remains incredibly grounded. He understands what holds true significance for him—his country, his football club, and his career. In terms of physical well-being, he receives excellent care here. He possesses a keen understanding of his body, ensuring he continues to deliver performances at the utmost level.”