A beautiful lady has generated several reactions online after she was caught on camera while most of her upper body was revealed.


Yesterday was Davido  and Chioma Rowland wedding and many distinguish guest and Celebrities were present and the beautifu lady was among their guest.


She was seen by the road side trying to make a call on how the would enter into the venue of the wedding while fans who were outside the venue took video of her and she has stirred different reactions where netizens questioned her mother for her naked dressing.

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See how netizens reacted to her video

Shugadiva wrote: I like for a fact u didn’t respect her privacy 👏👏..

Aderyhonke wrote: This video is too long on her! Bloggers should be respecting people’s privacy small small haba!

Empress wrote: She’s going there to breastfeed guys

Wonsebolatan wrote: The person behind this camera won’t make heaven walahi

Closetbyclassy wrote: I just wonder how comfortable they are in such outfits… Haaaa

Edith wrote: You would have gone naked. Chioma covered herself up cos she knows her worth.

Mua wrote: What is even wrong with some ladies? So classless!

Arewa wrote: GenZ or wateva they call his generation needs to do better… exposing ur body is not fashionable in any way.., she might as well walked in TOPLESS….. radarada.👀👀

Lolaherself wrote: Na because of them them put obioma and shoemaker for venue😂😂😂

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