Controversial Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has revealed why she is afraid of having children.


She avoids having children because she feels it to be too much work for her curvy Hollywood star.


She announced this on Saturday via her verified Instagram page, in which she clarified a rumor about her that had gone viral a few days prior.

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When she wrote, “This sleeping alone thing, ayam not doing anymore jare,” fans accused her of putting down on single mothers and marriage. Last but not least, single mother issues, because doing the right thing does not come with a reward.” (sic)
In an attempt to dispel misconceptions, she indicated that she enjoys marriage but avoids having children.

Marriage is beautiful and challenging. I grew up with both my parents. Single mothers should be awarded. Is it easy? What I am really running from is raising kids. Let’s be guided,” the actress said.

Moyo Lawal added, “Raising kids is hard. Anyone doing it is a superhero and deserves to be awarded everyday.”

Moyo Lawal then stated that she’s terrified of raising kids because she has seen her friends do it and she’s awed by their strength. “Loyalty is easy for some of us. It’s raising the kids that terrifies us. I see my friends do it and I am in awe of their strength because I just want to watch cartoons and eat,” the actress said.