The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) chairman, Ola Olukoyede, has pushed Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to start aggressive grassroots anti-corruption campaigns.


In an address to CSOs in Akwa-Ibom, Abia, and Cross River, Olukoyede made the request, according to a statement issued by EFCC Spokesperson Dele Oyewale on Saturday in Abuja.

Olukoyede stated that all national stakeholders, including the general public, must support the fight against corruption.

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Don’t let the EFCC handle the battle against corruption alone; instead, assist CSOs in their efforts to educate the people, especially those operating at the local level. It all comes down to giving up.

The EFCC wants to make sure everything is operating as it should. To help us win this battle, we all need to put forth our best effort,” he stated.

The EFCC chairman, Bawa Saidu, the Commission’s Uyo Zonal Commander, encouraged participants who were closer to the ground level to spread the word about anti-corruption.

Olukoyede also urged CSOs to give the EFCC relevant information so it can find unethical behavior in society.

According to him, this kind of support is essential since the success of the EFCC benefits all Nigerians.

The head of the Commission’s public interface unit, Mr. Tony Orilade, provided a number of ways to contact the commission during his speech, including via the commission’s website.

Orilade said that the commission was open for public contact at any time.

ASE II Aisha Mohammed talked on the anticipated contributions from CSOs to the Commission and said that the engagement’s objective was to get more suggestions on how to combat corruption.

“You must serve as our eyes and ears. Since we are not experts, we are here to discuss ways to strengthen our preventive mandate.

The main stakeholders we have are CSOs, with whom we will constantly discuss and work together for the sake of the country as a whole, the speaker stated.