“Nobody knew this, but only Angel did” –Sammie Says As He Reveals What He Did To Angel

"Nobody knew this, but only Angel did" –Sammie Says As He Reveals What He Did To Angel 1

The topic of conversation for Day 5 of the Big Brother Naija reunion programme was relationships, as Ebuka mentioned would be the topic of discussion for the day. As a video of Angel, Jackie B, Yousef, Peace, and Sammie was put on the screen, they were the primary characters in the conversation.

Angel and Sammie began their time in the house as very close friends, however their bond dissolved after both housemates had a disagreement about envy and flirting.

Sammie described how their relationship began, emphasising that Angel was the one who approached her. “She came to me and we clicked,” he says. “I liked her, but I didn’t want to admit it on the show, so I pretended I didn’t.”

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"Nobody knew this, but only Angel did" –Sammie Says As He Reveals What He Did To Angel 3
"Nobody knew this, but only Angel did" –Sammie Says As He Reveals What He Did To Angel 5

Angel was a flirt, according to Sammie, who pointed out that he kissed a lot of people, including Kayvee, whom he kissed on his first day in the house. When Angel kissed Kayvee during the truth or dare game, he became upset and demanded to know how she could have kissed a new housemate on their first day together.

Angel told Ebuka that Sammie was a jealous type, and he was also a flirt. Angel noted that Jackie-B tweaked at Sammie, but she was not angry at him for that. Angel, while telling Ebuka the reason for ending the relationship with Sammie, noted that Sammie flirted with peace and she told him several times to stop it. Sammie,

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who really likes Angel, told Ebuka that Angel said a lot of ill-mannered words to him, but he didn’t say anything. While revealing what he did to Angel, which no one was aware of, Sammie said he apologised to Angel for one week, to the extent of writing a letter.

According to him, “I apologized to Angel for one week for the wrong things I’ve done to her, and I even wrote a letter.”

While concluding his statement, he said, “Nobody knew this, but only Angel did.”