The Nigeria Labour Congress’s strike action has resulted in the closure of the Edo State Government Secretariat.


To make sure that members follow the instructions to start the strike today, the Nigeria Labour Congress Chairman, Odion Olaye, of the Edo State Council, oversaw the closing of the secretariat.

In order to make sure that they were closed, Olaye claimed to have dispatched members to schools, airports, gas stations, and the Nigeria Petroleum Development Corporation.

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“We are fully complying with the strike action,” he declared. To make sure compliance, I have dispatched personnel to several establishments. I’ll talk more about the strike if they return with comments.

Nevertheless, an officer at the Benin Airport told The PUNCH that the aircraft had arrived and flown off on Tuesday. Additionally, travelers were observed entering the airport in order to board planes to other locations.

Banks in the Akpapava, Mission, and forestry areas were also closed, and clients were attempting to withdraw cash from a few Automated Teller Machines.

Due to children being observed hanging outside their schools, public schools in the Government Reserved Area were also closed.

Additionally, an NPDC security guard stated that only essential employees were permitted on the property, and that the staff was adhering to the strike.