Nigerians Call For Sack Of Sterling Bank MD Abubakar Suleiman After Deborah’s Murder

Following Deborah’s death, Nigerians have renewed their call for Sterling Bank MD Abubakar Suleiman to be fired.
The assassination of Deborah Samuel has sparked debate across social media platforms, with many Netizens decrying Sterling Bank’s corporate rascality and open disregard for the Christian race while under the supervision of a Muslim MD/CEO, Abubakar Suleiman, according to ENigeria Newspaper.

In response to the heinous occurrence in Sokoto State, Nigerians flocked to Twitter to demand that Sterling Bank MD Abubakar Suleiman be fired immediately.

following the murder and burning of Deborah Samuel, a young woman in her twenties, in Sokoto on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

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Alternatively, Sterling Bank compared Agege Bread to Jesus in its Easter 2022 message, as some reports suggest. The bank actually wrote “Like Agege Bread, He Rose,” a reference to Jesus’ historical resurrection and the rising of Agege Bread.

When the incident that resulted in the death of Deborah Samuel occurred on Thursday afternoon, the tension caused by the Abubakar Suleiman-led Sterling Bank “Agege Bread” advertisement has yet to die down completely, and now aggrieved members of the Christian fold have resurrected calls for the sacking of the Sterling Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Without a doubt, the majority of Christians are unhappy, and no one knows how far they will go to express their discontent. Would Abubakar Suleiman entirely avoid the Christian axe during the entire drama? Perhaps only time will tell.

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