New age, new title, call me Basorun” – Veteran Nollywood actor, Femi Branch Celebrates His Birthday Today (Photos)

Birthdays are unique in that they only occur once a year, and the celebrants utilise the occasion to express appreciation to God for allowing them to live another year. Family, friends, and admirers also bring gifts and share images of the celebrant on social media.

Traditional titles are given to those who are respected and well-off in society. Veteran actor Femi Branch has been a chief for some time, but he is celebrating his birthday with a new title. He was born in May 1970 and has worked in the sector for 31 years, having started in 1991.

On his Instagram page, he wrote, “New age, new title, call me Basorun Babafemi Branch, birthday blessings came very loaded.” The 52-year-old actor and poet used to be the Jagun Asa of Edeland, his new title is the Basorun of Ilugun North in Ijebu.

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Many of his colleagues and fans were happy for him, Stan Nze, Inem Peter, She Baby, McSmith Ochendo, and many others celebrated him and referred to him as Basorun.