Muyideen Agbala Gabriel have a U turn on his words saying his voice was mimick on phone.


He has disclosed that he is the one who sent Mr Kehinde The account number after he promised to give him five million Naira to stop Dragging Agbala Gabriel and his voice was not mimick.


Illiterate is a big disease, Muyideen and her mother visit human rights centre to seek for justice and help so that more Nigerian can help them.

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Read some social media reactions below;

Ayo Paul wrote: People trying to help this guy are fool
Why can’t he go and work🤷‍♂️
So nah must make people help him now when he get two hands and two legs active.am tired of naija oooo
Bloggers are just using him to make there own money up and down

Adekunbi Adetunji wrote: What is the meaning of this?
This guy should enjoy his fame without adding other people’s names. The claims are funny – his brother is fainting because his account no was sent to someone

Abayomi Akinfemi wrote: This guy is obviously a lazy drone.Just looking for cheap popularity. Imagine him demanding for #5M to start a business.How much has he made from hawking in the market.

Adeyemo Raphael wrote: Abeg let him go back to the market that they see him doing alabaru ni bodija

Asiyanbi Kuburat Wrote: This guy is a fool. I thought you said you were not the one talking to Mr kehinde.

Ogunnorin Victor wrote: This guy is lazy. Imagine a grown up man going up and down looking for unnecessary popularity. Thinking whenever he posted his case, Nigerians will come out and donate money for him. Please, if you are close to this young man called Muideen,  tell him to go and work and stop looking pitied.

Ayo Emmanuel wrote: Muyideen is clearly playing with fire, his greed, his ungratefulness, his lack of education and poor management will send him to jail. He keeps saying that his voice was mimicked and he already confessed that he actually spoke with Mr Kehinde who promised him N5m, so he could rent a shop. Was that not what we heard in the audio conversation? Illiteracy is really killing this boy called Muyideen. Does he think we are fools?
Then again, what manner of Human Rights person is this man, Kola Olotu didn’t say that N5m was transferred to anyone, he only said that Muyideen gave out an account number in anticipation of receiving N5m that Mr Kehinde promised him. Pls don’t complicate this matter. This matter is very simple, Kola Olotu said we should look for the owner of the account number that Muyideen gave, and the NIN details they used in registering the phone number that Muyideen used in communicating with Mr Kehinde, since Muyideen claimed that his voice was mimicked. However, it has become very clear now that Muyideen has confessed that he actually spoke with Mr Kehinde about N5m, and that he gave his account number to him. What else are we looking for? It simply means that Muyideen’s voice was not mimicked. This guy has to go to jail. Simple.

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