Portable has spoken out about the mistreatment he endured at his former record company, where he was publicly accused of stealing a phone and even paraded naked.


This revelation comes amid the ongoing fight for justice surrounding Mohbad’s tragic passing.


It’s worth noting that a video of Portable being paraded naked circulated on the internet shortly after he gained celebrity status.

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He claimed that he was framed by his former record label after announcing his decision to leave.

In light of the alleged attacks by Marlian Music on the late Mohbad, Portable has suggested that he too was a victim of mistreatment during his time with the label.

“Una see my naked video online wey record label do me, them say i thief phone for this industry. You must do something before you become something. ARTISTS WEY NEVER BLOW COME DEY THANK GOD FOR LIFE. Why Anytime this video comes up I feel sad,” he wrote.