“My daughter promise to Keep her virginity till the day she say ‘I do” – Actress Biodun Okeowo brags

Omoborty, a stage name of Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo, revealed that her daughter must marry chastely and have her union built on the altar of purity.

In response to a comment made on Instagram by a fan who argued that losing one’s virginity at the age of 25 is shameful and not something to be proud of, the actor made this disclosure.

Boluwatife Okeowo, her 18-year-old daughter, was begged by her mother Biodun Okeowo not to believe such a message and to maintain her virginity till the wedding night.

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“My daughter if you are seeing this post don’t mind her oh. Keeping your virginity till the day you say ‘I do’ is not shameful,” she wrote.

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Remember how Biodun Okeowo allowed her daughter access to social media in March when she turned 18?

Unlike the children of her mother’s coworkers, Boluwatife, Biodun Okeowo’s daughter, was not permitted access to any social media accounts until she was an adult.

In an interview she gave some time ago, Victoria, who became a landlady on her 18th birthday, said, “She already told us this is a particular age, we would get to before she would allow us to start doing some certain things and it is okay for us. So I don’t feel uncomfortable with what is happening because I was already aware of it before it started.”

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She discusses a variety of topics with my brother and I. Yes, as I previously stated, Mrs. A will handle and discipline her daughter in a very different manner from how

“It is normal for people to have different ways of raising their kids, the most important thing is for parents to be able to provide the basic needs with every child needs which my brother and I are not lacking in any way. So every other thing is secondary, so I am happy, I am not on social media, that will happen at the right now, I am super proud with the way she has raised us. I feel that will come at the right time, she already said when I am 18 years I can do all that, so there is no point rushing when I still have a lot ahead of me.”

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